Akademik Ivica Kostović, Medicinski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu



Prof.dr.sc. Pasko Rakic, School of Medicine Yale University


Institucije partneri

School of Medicine Yale University

McGill University & Montreal Neurological Institute


Iznos potpore

200.000,00 eura


Trajanje projekta

3 godine



The objective of project is to supplement neuroimaging studies at the School of Medicine University of Zagreb with neurogenomics (with Yale University) and functional neuroimaging (with Montreal Neurological Institute and Harvard). This cutting-edge approach (genes – structure – functions) is based on analysis of prefrontal cortical areas in normal development and cognitive disorders, and developing protocols for genome-based pharmacotherapy of depression. The project develops new approach to studying abnormal development of cortical circuitry in cognitive disorders (autism), introduces new technologies in Croatia, ensures research use of new 3 Tesla MR, enhances return of scientists from Diaspora, and secures international grant applications (FP7). Specific aims are: 1) To analyze areal differentiation of human frontal (orbital, dorsolateral, and precingulate) cortex and related nuclei (amygdala, thalamus) from fetal life to adolescence, using developmental criteria for specification of cortical areas, layers, modules and molecular phenotypes of pyramidal neurons. To identify cortical pathways, areas and layers. To determine cellular and molecular correlates of gene expression in prefrontal and language-related areas with focus on transient fetal neurons, cytoarchitectonic zones and pyramidal neurons. To analyze cellular determinants of cortical thickness and perinatal cortical reorganization. To compare developmental and gene expression data obtained in humans with those obtained in rhesus monkey and mouse. 2) To describe histological correlates of structural MRI changes in normal and disordered cortex from fetal period to adolescence. 3) To combine MR spectroscopy with genomic analysis in studying frontal cortical areas of young adolescents with depression, after antidepressant medication. Methodology: Histological studies – immunocitochemistry, DiI, Golgi morphometry; Neuroimaging – structural in vivo and in vitro MRI with 3D-volumetry, DTI tractography, fMRI; Neurogenomics- overall gene expression analysis together with gene expression profiling of specific brain regions by microarray technology, real-time PCR and in situ hybridization Neuroproteomics – structures and functions related study of protein expression profile within brain Pharmacogenomics –proton MRS and microarray analysis. The main contribution of the project is development of scientific infrastructure in Croatia (hightech research with 3Tesla MR device). We expect to: delineate sensitive periods in development of prefrontal connectivity and timing of gene expression in principal neurons; unravel abnormalities of cortical circuitry underlying cognitive disorders; and develop individualized treatment based on pharmacogenomics. The project benefits Croatian biomedical centers by introducing neurogenomic tools. It also helps combat brain disorders, which (by representing 30% of total health costs) have great socioeconomic impact (depression-5% of population). The results will be communicated through high impact publications, conferences and symposia.




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